What a day it has been. Steaming hot and tomorrow will be worse, but then I don’t have to walk as much as today. The day started at 6:30. Everything is packed already except the last few things. After the coffee it’s time to leave. A very nice couple but difficult to communicate with. She talks slowly and is using simple words, but he is using a local dialect that’s completely out of my understanding. He is very friendly though. Sometimes his wife translates into normal French what he is saying. Nevertheless I am grateful for the hospitality I had a very good nights rest. At 7:30 it was time to say goodbye. It’s a clear sky and a long road ahead. Up to Margaux I have to walk along a main road in order to join the track again. It’s funny to experience that although there is a lot of noise from the traffic, it’s possible to keep a clear and empty mind. A lesson I learned from my fellow Irish pelgrim. I don’t even know his name and wonder if he knows mine. He has the address from the blog so who knows. The lesson is more important than the one who teaches it. After Margaux I return to the silence. Today I had a lot of forest and thus shadow, which made it more bearable. I started letting my legs get used to the sun by zipping off my legs (I am sure this is not correct English). In the blazing heat I entered the city of Pian Medoc, everything including the Mairie is closed. Pity I would like to have some beer now. It’s so hot. Alas I have to go on. Luckily more into the forest. At a certain moment I am overtaken by a couple that is jogging in this heat, respect but like myself a little bit crazy. In Blanquefort there is a bar open. Thank god and St. James beer to replenish the lost minerals. There are white salt stripes on my shirt. I still had to go 7 km to Le Bouscat. After the drinks and filling up my water bottle I walked on. Again along a main road. I felt like a rabbit on a roundabout totally untouched by the surrounding noise just hearing the birds singing. Another strange awareness was that there were gaps of silence in the noise. Most peculiar. On my way I called to the refuge for pilgrims, but I got an answering machine. The French still think that only the French walk on the Camino after 2000 years, how odd. Because of the call I missed a sign. I search for a solution and start walking again. I have done 35 km into the heat and I am exhausted. But as always St. James brings the solution. A hotel for €39.- a night. That’s it enough for today. Beer and a shower works wonders. I found a tick on my arm, so I’ll have to check that tomorrow. Afterwards eating and then the day is done. Sleep well everybody tomorrow will be with new wonders and lessons.