I slept very well. Today is my darling wife’s birthday and I am not there. I surprised here with a greeting card and a recording of the birds. At least something. Breakfast at 7:30 I need just coffee in the morning and at 7:50 I was on track. Again beautiful day with a deep blue sky and a burning sun. The first part goes a few villages. At Ètaulliers I visited the bakery and had my first rest. The next stage went through the forest along a cycling path very nice and very cool. Then the marked track made a turn. I followed the marked track because it complies with my GPS and is different from the track in the book. I came into the village of Cartelègue. There had been a mass this morning and a lady was still cleaning up the church. For me she switched on the lights again and showed me around. There was a colored glass window with the attributes of St. James. Even if the church had been open I hadn’t find it on my own, very nice of here. Afterwards I rested and had a long call home to congratulate my wife in person. And on goes the road. There is a big difference between the book and the marked track. I came to Mazion and finally come back on the track of the book. In St. Martin Lacaussade is a bar open and I drink beer on my wife’s health. It is 32c in the shade again. There I lost the path again and there is no more track in my GPS. I decided to follow the cycling path to Blaye. There while resting I see that my new granddaughter is going to be called Lucy and I called my wife to tell here the news. At a quarter past 2 I walked into Blaye and visited the Citadelle, a real stronghold city. It is a strange hobby of the French to hide there tourist offices, but finally I managed to find it. I got my stamp and decide to cross the Gironde today, it’s still early and Blaye is much to expensive to stay. A chamber d’hôte for €92 is pure theft. At the other side there’s a gite for pilgrims. I called the landlady but got an answering machine. Nevermind I will go anyway. The boat just left as I arrived. It’s 3 o’clock and the next will be at 4:30. I waited patiently. I was in the shadow and near the water was a cool breeze. The crossing was a nice trip. The Gironde seemed more a mud stream then a normal river. At the other side there is a bar, again time for beer and a sandwich. I called again and now the call is answered. I can stay there but she will not be at home before 8 o’clock. No problem for me. I have enough to do like writing this blog and writing my personal journal. Tomorrow I will go to Bouscat at the edge of Bordeaux. Till tomorrow.