I woke at 6:45 after a good nights rest. I had breakfast with my Irish fellow pilgrim. He too can’t eat in the morning just coffee. He is going by bus to Blaye the cross the Gironde by boat, takes a bus to Bordeaux and then by train to Dax. From there he will be walking again to St. Jean pied du port. There is a point where all the pilgrimroutes join and that is his goal. He has been to Santiago already and walked several routes. We part with a well ment Ultreïa. After that I rest a bit more. At 9 I went to the post-office sending home my journal. I wanted to get some money too but that isn’t possible. I have to go to Étaulliers , 6 km further for a banking machine. So although it’s a resting day I will have to walk to and fro. There is a Intermarche over there so I can do shopping for tomorrow too. It’s clouded and from time to time it drizzled a bit. In the afternoon the sky breaks open and the sun shines once again. The rest of the day I am lazy listening to the birds and watching and do some reading. Round 5 a young couple who is walking the Camino also arrived, they walk it in parts and are very centered to themselves. It’s ok with me. At 9 I haven’t had anything to eat yet, that turned to be a mistake. The mistress makes still some food for me and then it’s time for bed. Tomorrow to Blaye.