After a very pleasant evening with Marie, I went to bed at 11 o’clock. I woke up at 6:30 without being awake even once. Packing drinking coffee and then Marie brings me back to Mirambeau. She dropped me right in front of the bakery. Thank you Marie for your hospitality, the very delicious food and the pleasant evening. At 7:40 I was on my way again. In the beginning it was still quite noisy because of the traffic but after crossing the highway it gets more quiet. At Pleine Selve I came into the department of Gironde the nice concrete poles are replaced by wooden poles with plastic tiles on it. Again is there a difference between the written track, the marked track and the GPS track. Who on earth is responsible for the marking. In Le Palais I took a rest in front of the church in the shade it is so hot it’s already 26c. But the road goes on. In the neighborhood of Martinaud I took a long rest in the shadow of a small Forrest and called home. I have thought of a solution for the problems with the GPS. Again I have to go into the blistering sun without any shade between the grape yards. And again the markings disappeared. Luckily there is a restaurant so I got to eat first. After an hour it is still 30c in the shade and again I walked in the full sun without any shade. At last I reached the village of St. Aubin de Blaye. I went to the Mairie for a stamp. The hotel I wanted to stay is closed, so went to chambre d’hôte. There I met my fellow pilgrim of yesterday. I have to make a correction: He is not from GB but from Ireland. He has problems with his feet. We eat together and have time to talk. Then came a great news: I have become grandfather for the second time. Mother and daughter are in good health. Tomorrow I will stay here for a days rest and doing some organizing stuff. Bye bye for now, have a good night rest.