I woke up at 6:30. Packing and then to the bakery in the city. After that making coffee and eating my pain chocolat. At 7:45 I was on my way to Mirambeau. Leaving the town is always a very unpleasant thing. All the noise of the traffic and walking in between the houses isn’t my thing. Luckily it is not a very big city so after half an hour I was back in the silence. More fields of grain and corn. At the second rest I met the second pilgrim at foot. He is coming from GB and started from Mont Saint Micheal. For him I am the first one on his trip. Seemingly he has no appetite for a talk and walked on. Half an hour late we met again in Saint Genis de Saintonge he is eating bread I chose for coffee. In the church of Plassac we meet again. He has done the Camino several times already from different starting point. He has a problem with his foot. He is complaining too of the bad indication of the road. As soon as you walk into a village or town all indications are gone. Seemingly we missed a sign because there is nothing more and we are walking along a road with a lot of traffic. I took a detour away from the main road. At a certain point I stood in front of a gate. Luckily a woman came out of the house aside and told me I could pass. A big stretch through a Forrest. Shadow I love it. It’s about 32c in the shade, but in the Forrest it is cooler. Finally I came back at the marked track. At 14:30 I walked into Mirambeau after 33 km. A visit to the tourist office and the church and then beer. After that I called with Marie Savalle, she lives in the neighborhood and I will spend the night there. She picked me up by car. She has a very nice country house. A shower and doing my laundry. She made a very delicious meal for me. She has no PC, what I hoped for, to correct a problem with the track in my GPS. I will find a solution for that in time. Till tomorrow.