AIt took a long time to fall asleep yesterday, strange because I was so tired. I woke at 6:40 it was beautiful whether the sun just got over the house. Slowly starting this day after the ordeal of yesterday. I walked to the bakery to get bread and my pain chocolat, made some coffee and packed my gear. At 7:40 I was on my way in a much better mood than yesterday. Slowly I left the city, in the beginning I had still some asphalt, but after some time I got grass roads instead. Just one stretch of asphalt along a main road with heavy traffic but then I was back on the countryside. At once there was a roe on the road ahead, still a young one because although he must have seen me, he kept doing his own thing. This time I managed to take pictures with my phone and my camera. Very nice. Later I found out that I can zoom with my phone as well. After having the thing I still find new possibilities. Next row will be in full ?. It was a quiet day not very much excitement but a very nice day. Although I was in very open terrain with fields of grain, corn and grape yards it a was not too hot because of a nice cool wind was. The disadvantage was that it took with it the noise of the nearby main road. I’m a real Dutch and lamenting about the weather is in our blood. At quarter to two I walked into Pons. It took some time to find the tourist office, the French cannot think otherwise than from the perspective of a car, so all road signs are just one way. I saw half of the town before I found it about 500 meters from where I was. I will sleep in a refuge next to the medieval pilgrims hospital. The hospital itself is completely renovated and has a very nice herbal garden with it. After installing myself I visited it. I could feel the bond with all my predecessors. How on earth did they made this trip, without knowledge of French, geography and without the modern gear we have today. A deep respect to them. Tomorrow I will be on my way to Mirambeau another 30 km. There I will meet with another pilgrim, who partially lives there and partially in The Hague. With her I will rest some time maybe 2 or 3 nights before I will continue. Till tomorrow. Routes bien à tous.