What a day it was. I’m almost too tired to write the blog. I walked 39 km today. I woke up at 7 by the alarm. At 7:30 I was on the road. Just a visit to the bakery along the road, no coffee. It is a gray day so hopefully it will not be too hot. I slowly climbed out of the valley. At 8:15 the sun broke through the clouds burning the sky almost clear. Luckily I came into a Forrest. The walking wasn’t too good in the beginning, maybe too much alcohol yesterday, I don’t know. Just one of these days, you can’t have it all every day. After a while I got the rhythm again. As usual it’s deserted no traffic and no people. I don’t know anymore how many days I spent on my own, without any contact with others, beside the two men of yesterday. Very lonely, but well. In the meantime I learned to be happy on my own. At Juicq there is a cognac tasting and selling, but it’s 300 m beside the track and although it was tempting, I left it aside. I have enough to carry and cognac on a sober stomach seemed not a good idea with the track I still have to do. I keep it to water. After Fontcouvert are the remains of a Roman aqueduct, its on a golf course and I had to walk all around the course, I hate that snobs. At last I reached Saintes. It’s 17:30. After a visit to the tourist office I went to the refuge for pilgrims, but at the first bar I stopped for beer. Thank god they invented that in the past. Nothing tastes better after a hot and heavy day. The refuge is half way uphill of course, but I was welcomed very nicely. After a shower and dry clothes I felt much better. For dinner I had to go down again, I was almost too tired to eat, but I managed to get the food in. And now sleep. See you tomorrow again. Only 23 km try say, we’ll see. Until tomorrow.