I had a very good nights sleep. I awoke at 6:20 and was away at 7:20 the bakery is open but the bar/tabac closed on monday. I had coffee at another bar that was open and then en route. Again it was a clear sky and warm already. Country roads (isn’t that a song of Jon Denver) anyway I got the thought: This is paradise but close to hell or someone has forgotten to turn off the heating. After a while I saw a field of soybeans hadn’t seen those before. In Paillé I saw a sign “Eau Camino”. It’s a tombstone for Joseph Methay who died in 1909 and on the stone there is a tap with fresh water. I drink in honor of him and fill my bottle. Just as I wanted to go on, a car stopped, a Frenchman indicates that I can have a drink. I tell him I just had done so. We had a nice chat, my French is improving. He has done the Camino also by bike from Puy en Vallon, like most French that I speak. What is more important is he tells me that there is a epicinerie in the village and that will be the last one until St. Jean d’Angély. Great I made at once a detour. Cigarettes, nectarines, ham and pears. St. Jacob takes care of his pilgrims once again. But we have to go on. In eglises d’Argenteuils I met a church of the 12e century. A man came to me very enthusiastic and took a picture of me in front of the church. He asked me to write something in the visitors register, no problem. It’s a very nice church sober with no ornamentation. Aside if the church is a door with a sign for pelgrims, a shaded cover with a table and a set of seating places, very nice. But the road goes on with restless feet. I can’t describe everything I see along the road. One thing surprised me that sunflowers(Tournesol) really turn with the sun. At half past 2 I walked into the city of St. Jean d’Angély. I reserved a place at the refuge for pilgrims and are welcomed very well. A nice room with bath. Delicious a shower after the sweating of today. Afterwards a beer at a terrace and trawling through the city. I bought some provisions for tomorrow and ate a decent meal after days. Now its time to sleep

so you again tomorrow.