I had a wonderful night. Round 11 o’clock I felt asleep, it was getting dark at last. At 2 I awake for a sanitary stop and looked up to a bright sky with thousands of stars and around me there were a dozen of glowworms in the grass. Can it be getting more fairy like. The last time I had seen so many stars was last year when I was in the Alps with my friend Ajita. At 6:30 I awoke again. The sun was just rising over the grasslands. Everything was moist because of the dew. I packed and hit the road at 7:20. The sky was blue and already it was warm. This is going to be a hot day. At 8:30 I walked into the city of Brioux Sur Boutonne. A cafe was open already. Coffee and cold water for my bottle. After the coffee I visited the bakery bread and a pain au chocolat. I took some pictures of the church, I picture all churches along my road. Onwards it went, temperatures rising quite fast. At Villefollet I had a rest in a old washing place, delicious shadow and water to cool me down. It’s 11 o’clock and temperatures are up to 26 degrees in the shade. Onwards along fields of barley and wheat that are almost ripened. As soon as see a bit of shade I took a pause. It’s hard walking in the heat. The next villages there is nothing and they are deserted. After Villedieu I came into the woods for a while, but after that again open fields rising and descending all the time. Just before Aulney again a small stream to refresh myself. At 3 o’clock I walked into Aulney. Everything is closed no bar no restaurant and no shops. I went to the Halte Jaquere, but also there not much food just a piece of cheese and a cup of yogurt. Ok water, bread and cheese for tonight then. I had a shower washed my clothes and ate some bread. Later on I became a melon from the neighbors. My diet should improve otherwise will my backpack weigh more then me. Tomorrow onwards with the journey. Today I past half of the road. 1237 km are finished. Amazing also to myself.