After a very good nights rest I woke up at 6:10. I decided to get out. Dressing, packing, making some coffee and doing the dishes that previous pilgrims had left. At 7:10 I left first bringing the leys back and then onwards. It’s very silent for most people are still asleep on this Saturday morning. Long roads of asphalt again. I decided to make a detour over country roads again and were surprised by a big bouquet of beautiful flowers. At 8:30 I walked into the village of Cheney. All was quiet still. I had my breakfast at a picnic table at the church. Bread with goat cheese and 2 peaches. Delicious. After that again on the road. This time a mixture of asphalt and country roads. Much better I met no one, no problem I am used to being alone after 50 days on the road. At La Martinaire I came into a Forrest. It was clear there hadn’t been much previous walkers there because the path was well overgrown, but I managed to came through. At 2 o’clock I walked into the village of Melle the supposed end of today’s track. It was bigger than I had expected. It toke half a hour to get to the center. Then Searching for the tourist office. Why can’t they indicate that in a proper way? I got my stamp, but there’s no sleeping place else than the camping site. After having 2 beer I decided to walk on. Tomorrow will be a long day so I can do a good part of it today and finding a good camping place will not be a very difficult task. So here I am just outside of the village of Charzay already 8 km for tomorrow are done. Till tomorrow.