After a very good dinner and a very good nights rest I am back on track at 7:20. A visit to the bakery and go. It was a gray day, but not too cold. Again asphalt today’s track was only 20 km so I decided to do some detours through country roads, much nicer to walk. As I came back to the track again I was stopped by a railroad. Again I detour over a viaduct and returned to the track quite easily. Now followed a nice stretch through the ForĂȘt des Parc de Lusignan which ended in Lusignan. After that I had to climb by stairs to a terrace, which gave me a very nice view over the valley. At the tourist office I got a stamp and onwards I went. In the center is a ancient marketplace al covered. And I visited the church. I drank some coffee, I thought it was 11 o’clock but it was just 10. Outside the village I took a rest and ate some. It is so quiet and peaceful, at these moments I am getting the best ideas and sometimes I am writing them down for later. Again I made a detour through the ForĂȘt de Saint Sauvant and was rewarded by the sight of a roe and only minutes later a fox. At half past one I walked into Saint Sauvant. There was a shop open so I could do some shopping

water, beer, cheese, peaches and a salad for tonight. At 2 o’clock the Mairie opened up again and I got my stamp. There’s a refugee for pilgrims over here and that’s where I stayed. A complete house for me alone. I enjoyed my beer and layer lazy in the sun. At nine I went to bed, resting for a new day in paradise. It is hard to imagine that I am already 50 days on the road. Time is running and to me becoming almost meaningless. Tomorrow to Melle. Sleep well all you readers.