Although I went to bed at ten, after writing the blog 3 times without success, I couldn’t sleep. My legs are very restless, maybe because of tomorrow ?, they are afraid to have to work again. After one more cigarette I fell finally asleep round midnight. I woke up at six and couldn’t sleep anymore. So packing up, dressing and downstairs. Bernadette was awake and had prepared coffee and tried to let me eat something, but just coffee for me in the morning. At quarter past seven I started to walk again, after thanking Bernadette and saying goodbye. What an amicably an hospitality, this is really the spirit of the Chemin de St. Jaques. It is clouded but dry and hardly any wind. On my way back to town I visit the bakery for bread and my pain au chocolat. It takes almost one and a half hour to reach the edge of town on opposite side. What a mess in the morning traffic. Back to the silence and rest of the countryside. It’s good walking again. I met a monk from a nearby monastery on a racing bike, we talked a while. He is going to visit a monastery of sisters 20 km further. He asked whether I will visited the abbey, but I really don’t know. Afterwards I thought biking is good for the knees, they must suffer a lot by all the praying. I came along a monastery but it was a ruin they were renovating at Fontaine le Comte. Only the church was completed. It was the first time that I saw a church with a down sloped floor like in a theater. It was a nice church very sober in roman style. Onwards went the road. In the meantime the sun had broken through the clouds and it’s getting hot. Then the track was blocked by a new TGV track so I had to deviate for some kilometers. At a quarter past two I walked into Colombiers. There is only one hotel so there’s less choice. Special pricing for pilgrims, but still expensive. I had a delicious meal. Tomorrow onward to Saint Sauvant. Goodnight