After a very nice and animated night with Bernadette I woke up at a quarter past nine. Today is a resting day. As I came down Bernadette is already gone, but she prepared a great breakfast for me. I drank some coffee and ate a bit at easy. I did the dishes and washed the rest of my clothes. After some reading I went to the city. I visited the church of St. Hillaire, ate a sandwich and drank some beer. Then onwards to the baptistière of St. Jean. It is a building coming of the 3e and 5e century. It’s build on the remains of a roman sanctuary, with nice frescoes. Afterwards I walked back to the house. I did some reading and enjoying the sun after all it is a resting day. After dinner Bernadette is off again. I may use the computer so finally I am able to upload some pictures to the blog. As Bernadette returned we drank some coffee and chatted for a while. Now I am in bed. Tomorrow I will hit the road again all clean and well rested. Thank you Bernadette for your kindness and hospitality.