I had a very good sleep. It was late yesterday because of the animated talks and the writing of my journal and blog I went to sleep at 10 to midnight. At six I awaked refreshed and couldn’t sleep anymore. So I started packing and dressing. As I came down Yannick was awake already and we drank coffee. I forgot to take pictures of them yesterday evening and Pascalle is still sleeping. What a pity. Anyway I could take a picture of Yannick. After that he brought me back to the route and I am on my way again at half past seven. What a heartwarming welcome it had been. Thank you very much Yannick an Pascalle and thank you Saint Jacob. It was a gray and fresh morning, perfect weather for a walk. I’m back on the Roman road again. Just after nine I walked into the village of Buxerolles and called with my sister. She is in the neighborhood on return of their Holliday with her husband. She has done the Camino twice on bike and we are eager to share our experience. We are going to meet downtown in the course of the day. In the center in front of the Notre Dame Le Grand I met 2 other Dutch pelgrims on bikes. The met on the road and are now cycling together. We drink coffee after a while another Dutch cyclist joins us and a Belgian pelgrim. It was nice talking in Dutch for a change. Afterwards I met up with my sister and her husband and we had a very pleasant afternoon together. Strange thing to realize that I haven’t seen her in maybe two years and we meet in France a long way from home. I will stay in Poitiers for two nights. I need to wash my clothes and have a bit of rest. I got an address at the tourist office. I go there and met with a very nice lady, Bernadette. She gives me a beer and showed me around. At first a shower and washing my clothes. After dinner we had had a very pleasant evening with a lot of talking. She has done a part of the Camino to from Le Puy en Vallon to Roncesvalles a few years back, but had to stop because it was too heavy. But she knows what the Camino is doing to you. Again I must say thanks to Bernadette and Saint Jaques for taking care of me so well. This is so much better than the lousy and expensive hotels.