It rained all night and did for the major part of the day. I woke up at seven and at a quarter to eight I went on my way. It toke some time to gather enough courage, but waiting until it dries makes no sense. After all most of it falls aside. I came through Cenon Sur Vienne, but there is no bakery there, neither a tabac bar. Hopefully there will be one of these in the next village. It’s quite hot in the rain clothes. Even goretex isn’t everything. Outside Cenon I came along the site of a roman theater, they are excavating. It is deserted so I can have a look for free and have a rest at the same time. The problem with the raining is mainly that there is hardly any rest possible as soon as I stop walking I start freezing, so I had little rest and mostly very short. At NaintrĂ© I to go into the village looking for bread, cigarettes and coffee. A detour of 5 km which only resulted in a bread. Back on the track I passed several small villages, but none had the wished shops. I followed the ancient roman road which was very muddy and slippery because of the rain. The terrain is also very accident which made it more hard. At Saint George les Baillargeaux I decided that I had done enough for today. I walked 26 km and the road into the town will take another 2-3 km. In the town I went to the Mairie for a stamp and also to ask for accommodation, for the hotel was full. They started calling and found a place. I had to be at the Mairie at 18:00 and will be collected by someone. No more information is given in for me understandable French. Ok 3 hours of waiting. First I go to the supermarket to do some shopping and then wait. At 18:00 I am collected by a friendly man. I will stay with him and his wife and it’s for free. Very generous. At his house I am warmly welcomed by his wife. There is a room for me and I can have a shower right away. The communication is difficult but we manage. I get a taste their homemade aperitif and I eat with them and a son a delicious meal. Coquille St.Jaques in cream with curry, followed by noodles with stoves rabbit very tasty and a desert. What a hospitality. Thank you Pascal and Yannick. Tomorrow morning he will bring me back to the track. For now its time to sleep. Till tomorrow.