I had a very good nights rest. At nine I was in bed and slept until 1 o’clock after that again till 4 and finally I woke up at 7. Yesterday I had a long chat with my friend Bertie that gave me enough to think about today. I have not much else to do. The weather was good for a walk. A light drizzle but perfect temperatures. It is nice to find that the silence and loneliness gives a lot of space to think about thinks and about yourself as they are related to each other. It’s too personal for this blog, but sometimes I find things about my self that are very precious. Sometimes it makes me cry spontaneously. This is what the road does to me and I like it very much. Maybe it is what it is all about. A very enriching experience, I hope I will be able to keep it going after the Camino. In Ingrandes I have a coffee, the second today, this morning a man on a terrace offered me one and we had a nice talk. le Chemin de St. Jaques is something that lives here although they don’t know very much of it. Round 12 I walked into Chatelerrault through a deserted industry zone( it’s a Sunday). I walk into the center and have a beer. I try a hotel but it will reopen at 18:30. I don’t wanted to wait for that beside the price for one night is €68,- at the least. So I decided to walk on. At the south of Chatelerrault I found a camping site. To my surprise they have a special mobile home for pilgrims and it costs only €4,20 a night so this it for .. Tomorrow I’ll reach Poitiers. Until tomorrow and have a good nights rest.