After a restless night I awake at 7:15. My clothes has dried up. It’s a beautiful day the sun is shining and there’s hardly any wind. Everything goes slowly. At half past eight I am on my way. At my surprise takes the track me back to Saint Maure. Along the road I see my fellowpelgrim sleeping in his tent at the bank of a small river. It’s half past nine, apparently he’s not a early starter. I see the first fields of sunflowers. Pity it is to early for them to bloom. I reached the village of MaillĂ© and then the track marks disappeared. I turned back at the station and found an alternative. There is nothing to drink along the track. Everything is closed and it’s hot again. At half past three I walked into Les Ormes. The hotel is closed and so are all the shops. My god I am really in need of a beer. I had to go on. Another 7km to the next village. Luckily there is a shop open and at the tourist office they helped me with a place to sleep. I am in a pelgrims gite. And there’s a terrace for beer. After two delicious beer I go to the gite. Just as I entered the gite a thunderstorm broke loose. The rest of the evening and night it kept on raining on and off. That cleared the air and it refreshed.