I had a very good nights rest. This night there was a Thunderstorm and some rain, but still not the expected amount. In the morning it’s still very clouded but dry with a little wind.and not too cold. Perfect weather for a walk. I started at a quarter to eight. Nice quiet country roads. On the road I meet again a Dutch couple on bikes who are doing the Camino in parts. We chat a while without stopping. Then we parted again. Although the sun has tried to break through at times, I had some drizzles too. At Saint Catharine I had some coffee and get a stamp from the Mairie. There has been a hospital for pelgrims here founded in 1415. Amazing how you feel connected to all those who have preceded you. After Saint Catherine it starts raining. It’s a long time ago that I had rain and certainly not as much as this. I had to to put on my rain clothes and very fast too. At quarter to one I walked in Saint Maure de Touraine. The mairie is closed until half past one. So I visited the church first. Afterwards I had a beer and a very nice talk with the waitress. Then to the Mairie and the touristoffice. I’VE come to sleep in a special pelgrims gasthouse. Just 4 places. Here I meet my first fellowpelgrim at feet. He is called Nico ?. He is from Bretagne. We drink a beer and share our feelings about the road and what does to you. For him I am also the first other pilgrim. He doesn’t stay here overnight, but goes on. I’m going to prepare my food for tonight and then sleep.