After two wonderful days with my beloved one, I’m once more alone on my quest to Santiago. I leave at seven thirty and walk through Tours. I visited the bakery and drank coffee. It’s beautiful whether lightly clouded and there’s hardly any wind. Slowly I leave the city and walk along the river Cher. I call with Loes I have been walking for one and a half hour and we are just 3 km apart. At Saint Avertin there’s again a difference in the routes. I decided to take the marked route it is more through the forest. At a certain moment the marks disappeared I tried to find them back again but I didn’t succeeded. I decide to go back to the GPS route, although that is a detour of 5 km. At one I was at Montbazon and take a rest with some beer. After an hour I start again it’s only 7km more to Soringy the goal for today. At quarter past three I walked into Sorigny and find a place to sleep in the Auberge de la Mairie. Tomorrow we will go on but for now a shower and rest. Till tomorrow.