Today is the day, I am gonna see my loved one. At half past six I wake up. I have been awake at 5 because of the garbage man, at six because of the street cleaners and finally at six thirty because of the alarm and the glass collectors. Blois is really doing its best to give its visitors a full day without oversleeping their time. At 10 to seven I am on my way. It’s a clear day with a lot of chill wind. I walk out of the city and climb to the plateau of the Loire. Grape yard after grape yard. One village after one other. A sparsely car is driving by, I am alone again. I have a good pace today and km go by. At Mountlouis Sur Loire I cross the river. I’m in the sun out of the wind at the base is the bridge. A good place to rest. At Vouvray I finally have coffee. The I have to climb out of the valley. I have great views over the river down in the valley. Finally I descent from the plateau back to the river. A great view at the chalk rocks. There has been a rich silk production over there. But it died out at the end of the 18th century because of a cold period and also because of the French revolution, because the nobles for whom the silk was where chased away. At half past two I walk into Tours. In front of the Cathedral I meet some other pelgrims at bikes. They are from Didam in Holland. We have a nice chat. Buen Camino to them. A while later I have a much longer talk with another Dutch couple about walking in general. Very nice to talk to other Dutch with similar interest. I hope they’ll have a very nice Holliday. Then to the tourist information. Finding a hotel for three nights takes a lot of , there is a congress coming up. Finally they find one. Now I only have to wait until Loes arrives. At half past for she’s there. Now we have 2 days for each other, I’m gonna take a leave be back in 3 days. Bye bye