Thirty eight days already. It’s hard to imagine. I had a good night. At quarter to seven I wake and at quarter past I am on my way. It’s a beautiful morning blue sky with a bit chilly wind. A visit to the bakery on my way out of Chaumont. I have to climb to the top of the Loire valley, along the castle and then to the west. Life can be generous. In the morning I eat a pain au chocolat at first. This one was even warm when I got it. It’s climbing and descending all the time, not my favorite thing to do. After a few hours there’s again a problem with the track. This time a difference between the marked track and the track in my GPS and the route in the book. I choose the marked track, but after a while the marks disappear. The result is that again I have to walk a stretch along the motorway. It’s not such heavy traffic yet, so to much of a problem. At La Poteliers there’s a camping. I drink coffee, it’s so quite here, I could stay for hours, but the road is demanding, I have to go on. Tomorrow is nearing. A few hours later I see a squirrel on the road, I take pictures with my camera and my phone, Loes loves squirrels. I meet hardly anybody and if I do they are on bikes, most of time not even bothering to say bonjour or replying to it. I reach Amboise at three. It’s been a good day. I find a place to sleep in the center for €28 so it is possible. Tomorrow will be the day. I’m gonna see my loved one again, just 30 km walking and maybe I’ll cheat by taking a bus partly. I can’t wait. Till tomorrow.