I had not a very good night. There was some feast going on with a lot of noise. It stopped at one o’clock. At seven I wake up because there was water dripping in my face from the ceiling. Someone above me was taken a shower and spilling water over the edge. At half past seven I am outside. First to the bakery and having a coffee. It is gray and there is some wind. Temperature about 17 degrees perfect whether for a walk. I catch up my rhythm and leave Blois. This is so much better than yesterday. I still walk along the Loire but soon I leave it aside. There are some errors in the track I am using. Roads are gone, so sometimes I have to go back and find an alternative. Still no rain. The farmers are spraying the fields. Sometimes a nice view when two sprayers coincide with each other. I overrun an other walker, the first one that I see. We say hello, but no further conversation occurs. Then again the map is wrong, the supposed road isn’t there anymore. I keep walking in more or less in the right direction. Then I see a roe running away from me over the path, to fast to take a picture it disappears in the Forrest. As result of the detour I end up at the motorway. Ok I follow that. It is not my cup of coffee but there is no alternative. The French are madman as soon as they are in a car. They’re driving at very close range with very high speed past. At quarter to two I am in Chaumont Sur Loire right at the Tourist office. It is closed until 2, so I’ll have to wait awhile. No problem I can use some rest all the time. After opening I get the address of a cheap hotel and go to it. Having some beer and a shower. I am all satisfied. I do my laundry, have anther beer and a long talk with my wife. Only two more days. I got some very good food at an Italian restaurant. That was it for today just a very good sleep is needed. Tomorrow at Amboise. Till tomorrow.