At last I fell asleep at eleven, it was to hot in my sleeping bag. Anyway I had a good sleep on the bank of the Loire. I wake up at seven the sun is up, but is not risen above the trees. I wait in order to dry my stuff. At 8:10 I am ready and on my way. I go into the first village, because I am in need of food and water. There’s nothing but the next village I am more successful. It’s already very hot 22 degrees in the shade. The walking is also not very good. I can’t come in the rhythm. I need to rest every half an hour. By twelve o’clock I walk into Blois. On the first terrace I sit down for a beer. It’s now 32 degrees in the shade. After the drinks I walk to the Abbey and then to the cathedral. Inside it is nice and cool. After that I go to the refuge for pilgrims. They are closed. Back to the city then, to find a hotel. At last I can get the load of my back. I take a shower and wash my clothes. Then to the VVV for a stamp and then more beer. I the hotel I take a rest and after that I get some food. A big salads. I haven’t had vegetables for days now, maybe that’s the reason for my tiredness. I’ll hope it will be less hot tomorrow.