I had a very good night rest. I hit the road at quarter past eight. It’s already 18 degrees in the shade. This will be a very hot day. I return to the Loire for the next leg. In the beginning there is still some shade, but after a few kilometers I am walking in the blistering sun. I had a nice chat with a Dutch couple on bikes they too have done the Camino. They wish me success and we go each our ways. I walk parallel to the river but a 100 meters aside. No shade at all. I get funny thoughts in my mind. At one moment I thought: As a chicken in the grill I rotate in the sun, slowly getting brown dripping of the sweat oh my god it is so hot. In Dutch that rhymes. At half past twelve I finally find some shade and take an hour rest. After that I am on the road again. My goal for today is Suèvre. I arrive there at about three and sit down on the first bar for a beer and filling my water bottle. There is nothing there and I decide to go on and find a place to sleep in the open along the Loire. So here I am a very nice place. I had a bath in the river washed my shirt and am ready to go to bed. Tomorrow to Blois a short distance luckily because it will be still hotter than today.