I hit the road at 7:40, after a very good night rest. By tram I go to the borders of the Loire river. The next couple of days I will follow them until Tours. It’s gray with a little wind at temperatures of 17 degrees so it is perfect weather for a walk. Slowly I leave Orléans. I have to get used to the weight on my back again after a days rest. It feels like I am not going well, but the GPS tells a different story. Still above 5km/hour. At Chapelle St. Mesmin. I see an older and younger man. I ask for a bakery. He tells me and asks whether I am on my way to Santiago de Compostella, indeed I am. We have a chat. He would like to do that too after his pension. He is a member of a walking club and walks every Sunday 20 km. He asks how much I walk every day, well about 25-30 km. He smiles, but I think he is forgetting the 15 kg of backpack. Anyway I hope he will be able to realize his dream as I am doing right now. And on goes the road along the Loire. It’s a beautiful river. Quite wide and shallow, maybe because of the lack of rain in the last weeks. Lots of islands and sandbanks in it and a lot of birds. Big houses and chateaux aside of it. Mostly deserted. By the time reach Meung sur Loire the sun is full blown in my face. Its really hot and my water supply is decreasing rapidly. Stupid me to not refill it in time. Nevermind the road goes on. At last I reach the town of beaugency sur Loire. The first hotel cost minimal €83 I don’t think so. The next is better. I am welcomed by a nice lady, she gives me a bottle of local beer and I have a room for the night. Tomorrow to Suèvres not 35 km as today but only 23 km. I hope so. Till tomorrow.