I had a terrible night. Couldn’t sleep because of a lot of noise of the plumbing and everytime I almost was asleep there was a WhatsApp or SMS. At 1 o’clock t-mobile thought it necessary to tell me that my internet account was no longer valid. And then at 10 to two an WhatsApp. Nevermind, at seven I raised feeling as a zombie. Everything goes slowly. Breakfast, I almost toke with me a raw egg. I didn’t see you had to boil it yourself. At last at half past eight I was on my way. First to the baker an the tobacco shop and then walking. Oh no my sock isn’t right, then my shoe lace. It is nine as things finally get rolling. It is beautiful whether, no wind and the sun shines. More asphalt, but hardly any traffic. I make a film from the sound of a passing pelgrim so boring it is. I came in the Forêt Domaniale d’Orléans. Two Dutch woman on bikes stop. One of them always wanted to see a real pelgrim and seemingly I fitted that image. One was from Haarlem and the other from Heiloo (I hope she was not called Kaandorp, but that is a youth memory). We had a long and nice conversation. Afterwards I realized I didn’t take a picture of them. Anyway such things are the highlights of a day. The next turn I forgot so I had to go back. From the Forrest back into the traffic hell is a big change. In the centre of Fleury les Aubrey I take the tram to the center of the city. I did already 25 km today and don’t want to walk for hours in the city. After my visit to the cathedral I go to the fasthotel in the south of Orléans, do my shopping’s and rest. Tomorrow I’ll stay here do some laundry and rest more.