I slept almost 12 hours at a stretch and wakeup at seven. At half past seven I’m on my way. It is a gray day and there is a lot of wind head on. At this hour Angerville is still deserted. Again a lot of asphalt,but there’s no traffic either. Depressing. I’ll take my rests on places out of the wind. After Ardonville I see a dolmen in the middle of a wheat field. Amazing who expect such a thing in the middle of France. I have a small conversation with a woman who is walking her dog. The first human being I encounter today. Sometimes I think I am an alien from outer space. At one o’clock it starts raining not very hard but enough to get soaked. This is part of the life I have chosen for, so on we go. The only colors I see are the poppies that are flowering now in abundance. Something to smile about. After Lion-en-Beauce a car stops and offers me a hitchhike. I gladly accept it. I have walked 30km today and Artenay is still 5 km to go. On the outskirts he drops me off. I walk into the city it is deserted. I come to the church but it is closed then I go to the parishhall but also nobody home. I call but no answer. On the edge of town there is a hotel, I take a room. Tomorrow is a new day with new challenges. For now I take a shower nice and hot. Till tomorrow.

Something more I seem to forget so easily. It makes me humble and grateful to have such a strong group of relatives, my wife Loes of course and my children in the first place, but also my friends, that are so supporting. It is a great help to me. I cannot thank you all enough for that. As we said at the beginning: He who travels through a landscape is also traveling through himself. That I find a greater truth than I could have thought. I thank you all for that from the deepest of my heart. I hope I will be able to take you all along on my journey.