At eight I’m on the road again. I had a very good sleep again. It rained this night but now its dry and fresh. I visit the bakery and then go on. I walk along an old roman road, it seems they were also the last that have done any maintenance. There is not much traffic but the ones that drive here are trying to better a record. The whole is quite boring. Asphalt asphalt asphalt. The worst is that they are curved that is a menace to my feet and hips. After Monnerville I come to the countryside again that’s better although the sound of the nearby motorway isn’t very pleasant. At three I’m in Angerville. I go to the church the vicar helps me he is in a great hurry. I get my stamp and a bed in the corner of the parish hall and away is he again. Doesn’t matter, I have a place to sleep. Till tomorrow