As of today this blog will be in English, in order to allow friends like Ferdinand, that I’ll meet along to follow me on my journey. I wake up after a good night sleep from the alarm. It’s raining. I gather the tools that are still outside and bring them in. Then after packing I hit the road. It’s not nice to walk in the rain but it’s part of the game. After a hour it stops raining. In Étréchy there is a bakery and a bar/tabac all basic needs are fulfilled. Bread, cigarettes and coffee. Forward we go. I walk out of the village through a Forrest. I find a nice place to breakfast, baquette with camembert. It’s so beautiful and silent here. I get tears in my eyes, that I may and can do this. I get several WhatsApp’s that does not help to contain the emotions. I start walking again. After some time I see a grandfather walking with his grandson. I am jealous, we talk a while in a mixture of English and French. He is doing the Camino also but in parts started from Puy like many French. And on goes the road. I’ve come to Etampes. I walked 15km today and that is enough. I’m in need of a day rest. I have to wait a while but I can sleep here in a refuge. Damian takes me with his mom to intersport to buy a new sleeping bag. After that I am alone again. His father started this morning with the Camino del Norte from Irun. I had the first warm meal in days in a Chinese restaurant. Delicious and than sleep.